[Histonet] Seeking a Pathology Assistant temp tech as well as a local histologist



Hi everyone-a couple of temp openings for your viewing enjoyment!

Seeking a fully qualified Pathology Assistant (not a histotech who can gross
but a PA) for a travel position. Please call for specifics. 

Also seeking a local temp tech for Western Ohio.  We're trying to help a
facility that really needs the support but can't quite stretch for a full
travel situation.  If you live in Western Ohio and have been curious about
temping, this might be a simple way to get dip your toes in the pool.

Confidential conversations welcome--


Cheryl R. Kerry, HT(ASCP), BA
Full Staff Inc.
Staffing Healthcare Professionals - One GREAT fit at a time.
281.852.9457 office
281.883.7704 cell
800.756.3309 fax and alternate phone

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