[Histonet] Effect of 5%Aeti acid on Nuclei

From:"Trajkovic, Dusko"

Good day to Everyone and for those that attended the NSH, WELCOME  BACK.
I would hope that the parties were good and I am truly sorry that I had
to miss all of them.

I have a friend who asked me to post this for him. Any answer or
suggestion would be appreciated.

Thank  you
Dusko Trajkovic

I'm asking because in a paper I'm reviewing a paper where someone is
a concentration of 45-60% Acetic acid to fix isolated nuclei, then
fixing again with Carnoy's, and then doing FISH (fluorescence in situ
hyb) on them.
I'm trying to figure out the effects on chromatin...does it cause the 
nuclei and/or chromatin to swell?

I'd appreciate if you could ask around.


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