AW: [Histonet] Gi Biopsies and the Tissue Tek VIP

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do you use the biopsy-sponges with this protocol? And how many cassettes do
you process at one time?

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We have all stations set at 10 minutes, except for the last xylene and
the last two paraffins - which are 15 minutes each.
We actually have the two formalins at one hour and one and a half hours,
in case someone mistakenly puts the big tissue on the bx processor - at
least they will be well-fixed before we have to re-process them.  We
have plenty of time to have the formalin at longer times, but if your
specimens are already fixed, you should be able to go with the 10

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Subject: [Histonet] Gi Biopsies and the Tissue Tek VIP

Can anyone out there help me figure out what is the shortest amount of
time you can process GI biopsies with a Tissue Tek VIP?  


Amy Johnson 

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