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From:"Ben Spirto"

*Bielschowski Stain*

*20% Silver Nitrate Solution:*
1. Silver Nitrate=20g
2. dWater=100ml

*Ammonia Water:*
1. dWater=100ml
2. Ammonium Hydroxide=8 drops

1. dWater=100ml
2. Formalin=20ml
3. Citric Acid=0.5g
4. Concentrated Nitric Acid=2 drops

*5%Sodium Thiosulfate (Hypo)*
1. Sodium Thiosulfate=5g

Ammonium Silver Solution
1. 20% silver nitrate=100ml
2. Ammonium Hydroxide=10ml


On the stir plate to the 20% silver nitrate solution add 10-15 ml of
ammonium hydroxide, until brown precipitate forms, adding one drop at the
time. Keep adding more of ammonium hydroxide until solution is clear (while
vigorously stirring). Add couple drops of 20 % of silver nitrate until
solution is gold. Slides are placed in the ammonium silver solution in the
dark for 15-20 min. After that slides are placed in ammonia water. To the
ammonium silver solution add  the developing solution (developer) in the
ratio of 8 drops of developer per 100ml of solution while stirring. Slides
are developed 3-5 min

On Wed, Sep 17, 2008 at 10:29 AM, Paul Verden wrote:

> I am interested in finding the Alternate Bielschowsky Stain Protocol.
> There are problems getting the silver to clear.
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