Re: [Histonet] antigen retrieval for 5 year pap smear slides

From:"Richard Cartun"

Are your PAP smear slides fixed in alcohol?  If so, you probably don't need antigen retrieval.


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>>> "hao zhang"  09/13/08 11:11 PM >>>
Hi, everyone

I want to do IHC from a 5 year old pap smear slides for pan-keratin stain.

I tried many methods of antigen retrieval protocols (10 mM citric buffer, ph
6; 1 mM EDTA, Ph8; 10 mM Tris buffer, Ph 10; ) and heat at 95C for 40
minutes. I also used Triton x 100 (0.2%) pretreatment 10 minutes and then
SDS (0.5% or 0.25%) treatment for 10 minutes. But all method did not work.
Any replies will be very appreciated.


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