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From:"Meredith Fuller-Fedorczyk"

We send our muscle biopsies to Mayo Labs and they recommend 100% alcohol or
Acetone with dry ice for the slurry. It than can be stored in the -70 degree
Isopentane is just so risky to store.
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Subject: [Histonet] What to do when there is no liquid nitrogen :p

Hi Everyone,

Does anyone have alternate methods for snap freezing muscle when there
is no liquid nitrogen?? I've been told to make a slurry with isopentane
& dry ice or to put isopentane in a plastic cup (?) and put into the
minus 70* freezer till it gets cold. Also how volatile / dangerous is
isopentane to work with??? Other than a flammable cabinet are there any
other things I need to know about isopentane???


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