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We had a similar problem awhile back and traced it to our precut control slides.  We cut certain control slides ahead and store them in slide boxes.  We started seeing fungus where it should not have been.  We were just cutting the control slides, putting the wet slides into the boxes, covering the box, and then (as if that wasn't enough) we stored them over the embedding station.  We think that the combination of moist, dark, and warm slides made the perfect environment for fungus.

We got rid of those slides and boxes and have since allowed the slides to dry completely before putting them away.  No more contamination....

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Subject: [Histonet] ?bacterial/fungal contamination on slides

We are experiencing contamination of  GMS and PAS-F stained slides with
a filamentous microorganism, bacterial or possibly fungal. Our flotation
baths and stainers are cleaned daily with Sparkleen and water. We use
distilled water to fill the baths. We use the Ventana system for the
stains, which is decontaminated regularly. Anyone one else experience
this? Any suggestions to the cause of this. 


Beverly Rowe, RT.

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