RE: [Histonet] Manual Paraffin Embedding

From:"Kemlo Rogerson"

Does anyone process and embed tissues manually instead of using
and expensive equipment?  Can you tell me how you do it?  Thanks.


When I was a lad I used to manual process Brains and other stuff. In
retrospect I wonder why we use the same processing schedules for
disparate organs. We ought to have a kidney schedule and a heart
schedule specifically for each organ type. I always knew a tissue was
processed adequately as it changed in its translucency. If the was water
still present in the tissue you could see its presence in the clearing
agent and smell clearing agent in the wax. However you exposed yourself
to carcinogenic vapours and I guess that it is right and proper we
automated and contained. I wonder if that's why I've grown two heads? 

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