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From:"Amos Brooks"

Hi Joyce,
   We have an Autostainer (Dako) for the majority of our IHC. Often,
however,  I use a product from Thermo. The Sequenza IHC system is a bit
bloated. It has a timer and a place to put the reagents ... kinda silly
honestly. But, the Sequenza staining racks with cover plates (rest of the
system aside) are nothing short of AWESOME! The racks hold 10 slides
vertically which have cover plates on them. You put the reagents into a
reservoir on top and they displace the previous reagent which drips out the
bottom. The racks can be left in the fridge overnight if you like. The
capillary gap prevents the reagents from sloshing around and giving you
dried out sections like horizontal humidity chambers. BTW you can re-use the
coverplates, just wash them really well and don't scratch or warp them.
   Separately I'll attach a pdf of the product because it is only in the
older Thermo catalog, not the new one. Please note I do NOT work for Thermo
or anything. I only reccommend really cool stuff that I've used and works
well. "A (cool product) is a (cool product). That which (comes from one
company) by any other name would still (be as cool)" -- Shakespeare -ish


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Date: Fri, 12 Sep 2008 12:25:07 -0500
From: "Rush, Joyce" 
Subject: [Histonet] Stainers
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We are a low volume lab and currently do a limited menu of special and
IHC stains on a stainer.  We do our H&E's by hand.  The stains for our
IHC stainer are getting harder and harder to get.  We are considering
sending our IHC's out and getting a stainer for H&E and special stains.
I'd appreciate any ideas from smaller volume labs.  We do about 15,000
surgicals per year.  I do apologize for asking about this as I know it's
been covered over the years.

Thanks so much!
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