[Histonet] Manual Paraffin Embedding

From:"Amos Brooks"

   I have taken to manually processing mouse hearts for a particularly
finicky researcher. I do it rather like a special stain. I set the cassettes
in a covered jar and set a timer. Change solutions when the timer goes off.
Infiltration is tricky with out a vacuum, but it can be done it just takes
   Embedding can be done with a paraffin dispenser as has been mentioned.
You can however do it without embedding molds if you have more time than
money. You can make little boxes from aluminum foil by folding the edges.
There is a nice description of how to do this in Gretchen Humanson's Animal
Tissue Techniques. Just think Old Skool histology.
   (BTW to Rene: Great book recommendation! I'm lovin' it!)

Good Luck,

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From: Merced Leiker 
Subject: [Histonet] Manual Paraffin Embedding
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Does anyone process and embed tissues manually instead of using automated
and expensive equipment?  Can you tell me how you do it?  Thanks.
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