Re: [Histonet] transfering tissue to another slide?

From:"Joe Nocito"

I remember the procedure.
1. Take off the cover slip and soak in xylene or substitute for 15 minutes.
2. Apply enough Mount Quick to cover sections and place in an 80 degree oven 
for 30 minutes or until hardened.
3. place slide in tissue floatation bath for 1 hour or until the section can 
be lifted off with forceps.
4. wet slide(s) that will receive the transferred section with water.
5 remove the section carefully. If the section does not come off easy, keep 
in waterbath longer. This is important--- the side that was on the old slide 
must be placed on the slide exactly how it was removed because this will 
have a flat surface.
6. dry in oven again for 1 hour
7. clear, dehydrate and use as needed.

One problem I encountered was with plus slides. I had to leave the slide in 
the floatation bath overnight to get better results, otherwise, only parts 
of the tissue would transfer.

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> Thom,
> contact the people at New Comer's Supply
> They have a mounting media called Mount Quick and a procedure. I have used 
> it many times and it works great. I have taken pap smears and was able to 
> get 3 slides.
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> Subject: [Histonet] transfering tissue to another slide?
> Hey,
> Has anyone ever taken tissue off one slide and transfering it to another? 
> I think I remember someone mentioning it in the past.
> Anyone know anything?
> Thanks,
> Thom
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