Re: [Histonet] transfering tissue to another slide?

From:Larry Woody

Yes, here it is. 
  1. Take the coverslip off the slide
  2. If it is stained and you want to restain it, then destain it then run it down to water either way.
  3. Harleco makes a mountant called Krystalon and you need to dry the slide from the water and apply the krystalon so it covers the entire tissue surrounding it to form a mound.
  4. Put the slide flat into a 60-90 degree oven overnight.
  5. Next day take the slide out and using a copeland jar, put 50ml of dist water in it and microwave the water until it is pretty hot. 
  6. Put the slide with the mountant on it into the hot water for about 10 min.
  7. Take the slide out and with a needle nose forceps start to pull up the edge of the mountant slowly. You may have to put the slide back in the hot water a couple of times to do this.
  8. Finally take the mountant that peeled off of the slide with the tissue attached and lay it onto a clean and dry slide, using a thick paper towel to press it down flat (be careful not to break the slide that you are pressing on) make sure the slide is on a thick paper towel as well.
  9. Put the slide in the oven again overnight ( I have seen it done in 2 hours) and then run down from xylene to get the mountant off and presto, your tissue is now on another slide.

Thom Jensen  wrote:
Has anyone ever taken tissue off one slide and transfering it to another? I think I remember someone mentioning it in the past.

Anyone know anything?


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