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From:John Kiernan

A shelf-life doesn't mean much for a bottle of hydrogen peroxide once it has been opened.
Decomposition (to water and oxygen) is catalyzed by traces of many substances, including metals and phosphate ions. In my lab, a long time ago, we used a 1ml syringe with a long needle to withdraw small volumes of 30% H2O2 for dilution. From time to time the stock bottle would die overnight; I suspect that this was due to contamination by traces of iron from the needle. 

Years ago we changed from 30% H2O2 to a solid compound called urea hydrogen peroxide (UHP). This is treated as 35% w/w H2O2. It seems to be very stable, and not disturbed by digging it out of the bottle with a nickel spatula. A 1% solution of H2O2 made from UHP (2.86 g in 100 ml water) can be kept on the bench for a few days and replaced before it has time to decompose.  

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Subject: [Histonet] hydrogen peroxide quenching- shelf life

> is there any shelf life for  H2O2 so that it can be 
> conformed before
> quenching unless its too late how can we know the purity of it
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