Re: [Histonet] Re: Maleic acid vs. Tris in in situ buffer

From:"Emily Sours"

That is true--Tris solutions cannot be treated with DEPC before inactivation
(ie before autoclaving), but we have always made our solutions with DEPC
water that has been autoclaved (and thus inactivated for DEPC) and with
chemicals that are separate from other chemicals that are used from
non-RNase free protocols.  We have not found that treating our solutions for
RNase afterwards (ie, adding DEPC to the solution) has made a
difference--though we are very careful about what is RNase free and what is
not (if you would like a very short info session on this, let me know!)
I'll have to check your reference out--that's interesting that someone tried
maleic acid recently, and who knows, it could help with certain
Thanks for the interesting inquiry; if you try it out, let me know how it


ps.  In my own opinion, as a tech and NOT an expert, treating solutions with
DEPC after they have been made (as opposed to making a solution with DEPC
water and RNase free chemicals) doesn't make a difference at all.  In fact,
I consider it a hindrance, because you don't know if your chemical is
affected by DEPC, or if it will evaporate in the autoclave as you try to
inactivate the DEPC)
We always make our in situ solutions with DEPC treated water and not the
opposite, treating the final solution with DEPC.

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