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At 10:21 AM 10/1/2007, Emily Sours wrote:
>Paraplast plus here, as well.
>I didn't know there were other brands :)
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Paraffin is really a laboratory choice of what works best in your 
facility.  I have tested and worked with most paraffins on the market 
and all have some level of polymer in them.  Numerous reasons are 
given for why one is better than the other.  I have found difference 
in the paraffins based of what I needed at the time and changes as 
needed.  I don't do infiltration paraffins and embedding as I don't 
like the concept personally and it was really based on tissue 
processor problems caused when too much polymer caused valves to clog 
years ago.  The best paraffins are simply the one that works for 
you.  Currently we use Polyscientific Paraffin Prills and really like 
them.  I have used all versions of Paraplast, some Richard Allan, 
Surgipath, Polysciences and others with some differences but all usable.

As someone who has worked on paraffin development for several 
companies the differences are not as great as they would have us believe.

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