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OT threads do not bother me one way or the other.  I just shake my head, ignore and move on to more important things.  But I am curious as a biologist, not even counting the talk of CLIA, CAP or HT topics and just counting OT since the inception of the HistoNet regarding guns, Dieties, parties, personal insults, perversions, political incorrectness, recipes, ponds, lakes, scams, vacations, tirades, sexual innuendo, firings, football/soccer, scoldings and multiple topics too difficult to categorize, someone has several hundred fingers, possibly 500, on just one hand?

dull Ray Koelling
PhenoPath Labs
Seattle, WA

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From: "louise renton"  

> You know a little tolerance goes a long way. 
> In the many years since the inception of Histonet, I can count on the 
> fingers of one hand how many times the threads have gone off course. 
> Whether or not they stay on course is a matter of opinion. 
> Should European, Australians & South Africans all jump up & down when CLIA, 
> CAP or HT accreditation & state licensure is mentioned and discussed at 
> length? This has no bearing on histology in these countries. So come on 
> guys, lighten up & put things into perspective. Remember the adage "All work 
> & no play makes Jack a dull boy" 
> Louise Renton (in asbestos suit)* 
> * do not try this in your lab without prior consultation with safety 
> officers, CAP, JHCO, etc 
> Bone Research Unit 
> University of the Witwatersrand 
> Johannesburg 
> South Africa 
> "There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls". 
> George Carlin 
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> However, many electrons were terribly inconvenienced. 
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