Re: [Histonet] How to choose a topic of a master degree thesis?

From:Rene J Buesa

  Why don't you try a comparison of melanin precursors identifiers?
  There are many antibodies you can use, and you can make comparisons about their "early detection" efficacy, for which you can use different types of lesions, from nevus to pre-melanomas to melanomas correlating the reaction intensities with the antibodies dilution rates.Under separate cover I am sending you the abstract of a paper on the subject and the results of some experiments on the topic I did in 2002
  You should consult with your pathologist to select the specimens for your study.
  René J.

K M  wrote:
  Glad to be here.This is my very post here.Iam preparing to do a master
degree in anatomical pathology and I am little confused
how can I choose a topic to work on my thesis? My supervisor said to me go
to GOOGLE but google made me more confused!
By the way I am in Egypt and interest in immunohistochemistry studies .but
which organ I choose ?what disease I choose???
Any comment.
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