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From:Philip Oshel

Anyone try carpet tape on the bottom? Basically 
wide, double-sticky tape on steroids, usually 
used to stick carpet to carpet pad, but it would 
work to stick carpet to floor.

My OT contribution, for Kemlo Rogerson: we may 
not know football, but at least it's not cricket.

>I had some carpets like this and is was a bear 
>to work with in the embedding area. The wheels 
>of the chairs kept causing the carpet to rise 
>up, causing a tripping hazard. Anyone else 
>experience this? By the microtomes, the carpet 
>worked fine.
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>I agree with Rene.  We also have commerical rugs (heavy duty, very low
>carpet, inexpensive, and are the kind found in entry ways of
>buildings).  We place these in front of microtome areas, sinks and
>processor, chairs roll on them without resistance.    They can be vacuumed
>to pick up paraffin shavings, and when eventually trashed, merely
>replaced.   We had an incident on a hard floor, as paraffin seems to
>permeate and coat all surfaces.  A visiting post doc slipped, and if he
>hadn't grabbed a door handle, would have cracked back of his skull on our
>hard floor.  Our janitors here would NEVER think to mop a floor, but they
>do vacuum these little carpets.    Perhaps clinical labs have better
>regulations for cleaning histology lab areas than our research facility ( I
>work in a double wide trailer house! also called a modular) has available.
>If you can't use carpets, then consider the sticky peel a away mats under
>your microtoming areas, this catches trimmings that seem to fly around
>willy nilly, no matter what one does. These are also used at entry ways of
>areas where dust, dirt and/or prion associated work is done.
>Be sure you ask for acid resistant sinks, that are large, deep and enough
>of them to do the work necessary, staining, grossing areas, etc, etc.  A
>lab with two sinks like ours is NOT a good situation.  Also, ask that the
>the microtoming area has decent bright lighting and NO air vents just about
>the microtome area.
>Good luck and congratulations on being able to design a new laboratory.
>At 02:14 PM 9/18/2007, you wrote:
>>Chemicals resistant, anti-slip, and ascrubbable to eliminate paraffin.
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