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From:"Wesley Simms, MD"

I'm in a multispecialty group with three dermatologists.  Although they 
don't sign out any cases, at least one of them is as qualified as any 
pathologist I have ever met.   He doesn't have derm path certification, but 
he could easily sign out 80% of his cases.  Some of their training programs 
strongly emphasize derm path, and some don't.

It's actually a much smaller leap of logic for a dermatologist to sign out 
skin cases on patients he/she follows on a regular basis than it is for a=20
non-physician cytotechnologist to sign out pap smears from patients they 
never see.  Mistakes on the skin are more easily recognized than mistakes in 
the uterine cervix, and the clinical correlation that dermatologists have=20
goes a long way to arriving at the correct diagnosis.

Hope I didn't scare you any more than you already were, Rene.  I want you to 
live a long time.

Wesley W. Simms, M.D.
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> This "dermatologist thread" gets scarer after each posting!
>  René J.
> Barbara Lord  wrote:
>  I ask my Dermatologist and he said CLIA reg that a board certified
> dermatologist can read his own slides. He also said though the
> dermatologist should be listed as laboratory personnal.
> Hope this helps
> Barbara Lord
> Mohs Technician
> Scott & White Dermatology Dept
> Temple , TX
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