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From:Larry Woody

Agreed Joe, it's called work/life balance but when your work is your life like so many people in America, it's impossible to achieve balance.

Joe Nocito  wrote:   I see by some of the comments that recent topics have upset some people. It is a sad day when we take ourselves so seriously that we can not diverse for a day or two. We work hard day in and day out and with the high quality and time constraints, we are constantly under pressure.
Is it so bad to stop and smell the roses once in a while? Ninety-nine per cent of the Histonet does deal with histology. Is it so bad to once in a while to talk about something else such as recipes, football, dresses or perfumes?
As a manager, I encourage my techs and students to develop interests outside of histology. See, I didn't take my own advice and became so burnt out that I had to quit my job and take the summer off. This was evident when I had 7 1/2 weeks of vacation on the books.
I have learned a lot from this forum and hopefully I have given some instruction back. This includes histology and non-histology topics. Let's lighten up a bit, it's healthy.

San Antonio, TX
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