RE: [Histonet] wax on the rug


I would check with a carpet cleaning company that specializes in commercial 
and industrial jobs. Perhaps they have a solvent based cleaner that removes 
the buildup of tracked paraffin. In the meantime I would have the hospital 
put down carpet mats that can be switched out and cleaned periodically. My 2 
Christie Gowan

>Subject: [Histonet] wax on the rug
>Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2007 08:27:48 -0400
>Hello 'Netters,
>Anyone out there know how to get paraffin out of the rug?? You know, from 
>tracking it into and down the hallway on your feet?
>I do know that they have the sticky tape that you can put on the floor of 
>the lab before the carpet begins to take the wax off your shoes, but the 
>owner of the lab thinks it looks horrible and doesn't like it.
>Thanks in advance....
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