RE: [Histonet] transfering tissue to another slide?

From:"Marshall Terry Dr, Consultant Histopathologist"

What - no durofix. I used them as a teenager.
Oh, hang on - durofix. (UK only joke).
 Oh yes, used that too with Airfix models - hundreds of them.

However, whatever was in the tube, and it could well have been durofix,
that is not what it was called - it was a special histology stuff.
Where is Kemlo when you want him?


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	The tube of "stuff" was Durofix. Cast your mind back to when you
were a boy and built Airfix models, it's the same glue. Over the years
I've searched for Durofix but think it's no longer on the market. 
1.) Remove the coverglass by soaking in warm xylene or equivalent.
2.) Soak in fresh clearing agent until you are sure the mounting media
has been removed. 
3.) Cover the section with a mixture of 6 parts butyl-acetate, 1 part
4.) Harden in a 37C oven for ~30 minutes.
5.) Carefully, with a sharp razor blade, cut the film from around the
6.) Place the slide in cold water and leave until the film with the
section floats off.
7.) Mount on a clean slide.
8.) Drain excess water then place in a 37C oven until perfectly dry.
9.) Wash carefully with butyl-acetate.
10) Wash thoroughly in clearing agent and mount.

	When Durofix was available I used the technique on numerous
occasions and with a few tweeks it worked well. All you need do is find
glue that bonds plastics and you're away.

Dr. Ian Montgomery,
I.B.L.S. Support Unit,
Thomson Building,
University of Glasgow,
G12 8QQ.

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We had a tube of "stuff" in Stoke which worked reasonably well. I have
not come across it since.
Remember the name?


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Subject: [Histonet] transfering tissue to another slide?

Has anyone ever taken tissue off one slide and transfering it to
another?  I think I remember someone mentioning it in the past.
Anyone know anything?
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