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From:"Bonnie Whitaker"

That is true, but in my experience, after opening the bottle it tends to
degrade at a rate that makes the expiration date useless.  (That is unless
you are using it up at a really fast rate.)  You could check it periodically
with a really bloody specimen that goes in the H2O2 block,  per your
protocol, and then add DAB per your protocol.  If it turns brown, it's time
for a new bottle.

Bonnie Whitaker

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Each bottle of H2O2, either 30% or 3% has an expiration date to comply with.
  René J.

arvind  wrote:
  is there any shelf life for H2O2 so that it can be conformed before
quenching unless its too late how can we know the purity of it

*Arvind Singh Pundir*
National Brain Research Centre
Manesar, Gurgaon- Haryana- INDIA
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