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From:"Kemlo Rogerson"

Interestingly 'who does the grossing' varies grossly in the UK. When I
was a BMS in Histology I've 'grossed' gall bladders, uteri, appendix,
obviously biopsies and many, many skin tumours. I guess when I worked in
London as a histology/ cytology manager I was 'grossing' at least 80% of
the work. In other Labs I've been in BMSs only 'put in' and don't draw
the knife through anything. I wonder if that will change with the 'new'
IBMS specialist exams or if the Pathologists will be reluctant to 'let

What do you think Terry, you were a Pathologists 'before your time' do
you think BMSs/ Histotechs ought to gross and what ought they to
dissect? My golden rule was that if I felt the 

Certainly saves you Pathologists exposure to formalin just BSE, prions
and CJD to avoid!!

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