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From:"Joseph Kapler"

I'm a Student (Mature Student) taking my courses as I work two jobs (one in
Histology), so I find Histonet as one of the best resources for information
related to my area of study.

But I am also a major NFL fan. I enjoy a discussion from time to time on my
favorite Sport, or even some of my favorite music.

As stated below, "all work makes joe a dull boy" is not only true, it also
leads to burnout and neurosis. Therefore, in MODERATION, a little off topic
discussion can go a long way to easing our daily stress. But Moderation is
the key. Keep it to a single thread. And remind people its off topic.

Maybe that would help... maybe it won't ... but that's my two cents today

Joe "DarkWolfe" Kapler

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Good for you ,Louise. OT, in moderation, is fine by me.

Regards,  Laurie.

Mr. Laurie REILLY
School of  Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences
James Cook University
Townsville  Qld.  4811

Phone 07 4781 4468

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You know a little tolerance goes a long way.

In the many years since the inception of Histonet, I can count on the
fingers of one hand how many times the threads have gone off course.
Whether or not they stay on course is a matter of opinion.

Should European, Australians & South Africans all jump up & down when CLIA,
CAP  or HT accreditation & state licensure is mentioned and discussed at
length? This has no bearing on histology in these countries.  So come on
guys, lighten up & put things into perspective. Remember the adage "All work
& no play makes Jack  a dull boy"

Louise Renton (in asbestos suit)*
* do not try this in your lab without prior consultation with safety
officers, CAP, JHCO, etc

Bone Research Unit
University of the Witwatersrand
South Africa
"There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls".
George Carlin
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