RE: [Histonet] I think I will give it an acronym

Hi René,

There was no animosity meant.  I was in a bit of a=20rush when I wrote that,
so I'm sorry if it came across as such.  I really did find the "Cyclops"
name interesting and it was another customer who pointed out to us that it
looked like a giant stapler.  No matter what it looks like...we're proud of
it anyway (spoken like a true mother and grandmother).

Best wishes to everyone,


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Hi Jan:
Thank you for the information even when I can "feel" some (unnecessary)
animosity behid it because you cannot find anyone more "faithful" to the
Ernst Leitz brand than me.
I own a Ortholux and a Metalux, as well as 2 Orthomat automated cameras,
scores of lenses and even 2 vintage Leicas with an almost unimaginable
array of accessories so, in my case, when talking about Leitz (I still
don't like the "Leica" name for the microscopes), you are preaching to the

I "baptized" your imaging microscope as the "Cyclops" because that is what
it looks like to me, and I am sure that the optics, if Wetzlar
manufactured, have to be superb and durable, as the set of apochromatic
objectives I have in my microscopes.

So, yes, live and learn, that has been always my moto.
Thank you for the information.
René J.

 Pinpoint customers who are looking for what you sell.

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