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From:"McCormick, James"

Barbara, Vinnie et al,

Concerning medical specialists interpreting slides and dermatopathology
in particular....

"in the beginning" there were no histopathologists. The specialty groups
in clinical practice supported their own gross and microscopic study and
research.  Hematologists interpret and diagnose blood and bone marrow
preparations, some university Ob/Gyne departments have separate
divisions of gross and microscopic pathology.
Many dermatologists  are deeply trained and experienced in "reading" the
slides as well as the surface skin.  Large groups of dermatologists and
some urologists have installed histotechnology labs and share their work
with a "group" pathologist of the general or special skill set and
experience.  The state licenses to practice medicine does not restrict
against the study of slides.  
Quality standards of hospitals require the best in all areas of clinical
and laboratory medicine. Civil law only requires that a "qualified"
director be in charge of the lab. 
What specialty physicians do in their private offices does not restrict
them to NOT use the microscope.....It is the training and experience to
achieve quality and excellence that promotes the "sub specialization" of
pathology and other laboratory associated practices.

In Europe the Gynecologist is in charge of cytopathology.  

This is just my "two cents" from some years in the practice of
pathology...and with a special leaning to histopathology process and

J.B.McCormick, M.D.

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For my own benefit, if what you've indicated is true, why does the board
certification for dermatopathology even exist ? I guess I'm asking what
a dermatopathologist can do that a dermatologist cannot.

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I ask my Dermatologist and he said CLIA reg that a board certified
dermatologist can read his own slides.  He also said though the
dermatologist should be listed as laboratory personnal.
Hope this helps

Barbara Lord
Mohs Technician
Scott & White Dermatology Dept
Temple , TX

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