[Histonet] Workload/Billable Tests and Staffing

From:"Jones, Laura"

Greetings fellow Histotechs.  I would appreciate it if anyone could help me
or share their own method of reporting workload to the "powers that be"; who
in turn use that information to determine staffing in the Histology Lab.  

In my situation, staffing is being determined based soley on billable tests,
which as we all know is not a true indication of the work being done.  We
are a small community hospital and essentially do it all.  We run and get
the specimens, accession them, set them up with cassettes, gross and dictate
things that do not need to be cut, prepare slides for the next day,cut and
run immunos, etc.  In short, we are extremely busy, but this is not
reflected in "billable tests".  

Could you please share with me any ideas or formulas you have to more
accurately report what you are doing?  Or, if you are willing to share your
number of billable tests and your number of techs, perhaps I could compile
this information and gain some kind of persepctive.  I was only recently
given this responsibility, and apologize for my naivite, inexperience and
ignorance!  I'd greatly appreciate your advice and knowledge.

Thank you all in advance!  Laura

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