[Histonet] Rugs and safety--PLEASE READ

From:"Cheryl R. Kerry"

When you utilize rugs and such, LISTEN to your staff!!!  

If they complain of tripping or having problems with the rugs
buckling--LISTEN and DO SOMETHING!!!

As you all know I run a temp agency and I've been a working tech for a long
time.  We work with labs that use rugs--and I've had them in labs I've
managed.  We taped the buckles to the floor or required the rental company
to purchase industrial quality rugs to keep things safe.  We changed the
wheel on the chairs to reduce the lifting by rolling across the edges.  All
created a safer lab at very little cost.

In one of our client labs the techs have been tripping and complaining about
the hazard when at work.  Unfortunately the hazard never filtered back to
our office until it was too late.  One of our techs tripped last night and
ended up in an ambulance to the ER.  She could've broken a hip the way she
fell--it was horrible.  This was not an unknown hazard for the lab or the
techs--which creates a liability issue on top of the injury.  

If anyone brings a safety issue to you--please listen!! They aren't just
complaining to complain.  No one wants to be off of work for a preventable
injury.  Rugs create a safer, cleaner floor, but only when properly

Thanks for listening--it was a really long night. She's going to be okay but
it's going to be a sore couple of weeks. I'm sure I'm going to get flamed
but if one less person is injured because of this--fine--bring it.


Cheryl R. Kerry, HT(ASCP)
Full Staff Inc.
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