[Histonet] PBS/MgCl2

From:"Gudrun Lang"

Hi FISHers,

I am quite new in FISH-techniques. I have a protocol for
imprint-preparation, where PBS/MgCl2 follows the pepsin digestionstep. Can
anybody tell me, why I have to use PBS with MgCl2 to stop digestion? Isn't
it the same, to use 1xPBS alone? Further there are different recipes for the
solution. (5% 1M-MgCl2 in 1x PBS; 1000ml 1xPBS with 1,015 g MgCl2) That
means one is 10fold richer on MgCls than the other.

What pH is the right one here?


Many questions, hot brain, help appreciated..



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