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Merc Marti Gaudes-
I have copied and pasted a message to just the histonet that came back at me after I attempted to send it to you and histonet.  My wife writes in Japanese kanji on this computer and apparently the computer or server was really unhappy sending this to you or receiving it because it substituted Japanese characters in the address and sent a fatal flaw back to me.  So here is what I sent earlier:

Merc Marti Gaudes-
Is this just normal heart tissue?  Mouse or human?  GATA4 is zinc-finger transcriptional factor, so found in nucleus and if you are counterstaining, depending on how you are counterstaining, if the signal is weak you can cover it up.  Have used a Santa Cruz antibody (although for personal reasons I only use SC and their famous herd of goats, if I'm desperate to the final degree).  Have used eBiosciences and Lifespan Biosciences anti GATA4.  Usually a citrate buffer/microwave or steam but certainly there are other ways you can go.  Just remember, this is a zinc-finger motif protein so might stand up to all pre-treatments.  So it can easily be seen and I've done it, in the granulosa cells of ovary and developing heart.  Was purported to be an early cardiomyocyte differentiation factor and marker but I haven't kept up on the literature and believe it has been found elsewhere (normally and in tumors or pathological states) although you'd nee d to check the literature to find out where.
 I just haven't kept up.   But I've seen it in cell lines, developing heart and ovary very nicely with the above antibodies and pretreatment.  Since the protein is highly conserved to the consensus DNA sequence G-A-T-A, the antibodies work in mouse or human or other species.  I'd try looking at mouse developing heart to make sure my system is working for it easy to detect there.

dull Ray Koelling
PhenoPath Laboratories 
Seattle, WA
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