[Histonet] Nikon Optiphot cube changing

From:"David A. Wright"

Hi Histonet

Can anyone help me with instructions for changing the
fluorescence cubes in an old Nikon Optiphot? It has an EFD-3 
(4 position) cube holder. 

We acquired the microscope from another investigator, without
any manuals, and up to now have been using it purely for
bright field conventional staining. Now I'd like to use it for
fluorescence too.  The installed cubes work fine but I'd like
to add in a DAPI cube, borrowed from an old Labophot.  I've
changed cubes on several models of microscope but it's not
obvious to me how to take out these EFD-3 modules.

Needless to say, with this pre-infinity model microscope, it
is no longer supported at the Nikon-USA website.  If anyone
could tell me how to do it, or link me to a pdf of the
relevant manual(s), I'd be extremely grateful!

-David Wright
University of Chicago, Neurosurgery

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