learning to spell Re: [Histonet] Cutting rat brains

From:Gayle Callis

Sorry, fingers are responsible for misspelled words - key!   TGIF and the 
Friday joke too.

Gayle Callis

At 09:09 AM 9/14/2007, you wrote:
>You can purchase a brain matrix device, from many places. Try Charles 
>Scouten's website, Google  his website with keey word myneurolab.  These 
>devices allow you to section rat brains by placing the brain in a form, 
>and then making precise slices, then you can proceed with how you want to 
>orient, etc.
>You need to make sure the brains are kept flat during snap freezing after 
>the slices are made.  There is a way to do this using a liquid 
>nitrogen/petri dish setup.  If you wish I will send the mini powerpoint on 
>how to do this.

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