Re: [Histonet]immuno stainers

From:"Christine Tambasco"

   Anybody  have  an  experiences  with  the  Nemisis from BioCare? Would
   appreciate any feed back. Thanks

   Christine Tambasco, HT (ASCP)

   St Marys Hospital, Amsterdam NY

     From:  "Mike Schlicht" 
     Subject:  Re: [Histonet] Special Stainers
     Date:  Wed, 12 Sep 2007 12:51:34 -0700
     >We  are  currently  using  the DAKO Artisan for silver stains, and
     >some  problems  with  uneven  staining every now and then, usually
     >the dispensers are close to being empty, so we stop using the kit
     >when there are 5 tests remaining to help reduce some of the
     >problems.  We had a demo of the Nexus stainer, and found that the
     >result were about the same.
     >San Luis Obispo, CA
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     >>Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2007 18:32:37 -0500
     >>From: "Rebecca Johnson" 
     >>Subject: [Histonet] Special Stainers
     >>To: "histonet" 
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     >>What special stainers is everyone using?  I now have a Ventana
     >>Nexus. Bought in 1999.  I know this is old, but it has been
     >>maintained well. We have had problems with it several times over
     >>the years. Mostly with sliver stains or uneven staining and no
     >>staining.  I would like to know what others are using and your
     >>experiences are. Thanks for all you help.
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