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First, a couple of questions:
Hard, soft, or "standard"? Standard is usual (oddly enough), hard is 
for harder tissues -- not bone, but tough tissues. I haven't found a 
use for soft, but there's one out there somewhere.
One of the major components of Spurr's ERL 4206 was discontinued last 
year (too carcinogenic) and replaced with ERL 4221. The vendors were 
claiming a 1 to 1 replacement of 4221 for 4206, but it's not true. I 
have an article from Microscopy Today in pdf format I can send to 
anyone who would like one.
Briefly, the recipes are:
**all values in grams** to make 10g
ERL 4221 4.10g
NSA          5.90g
DER 736   1.43g
DMAE        0.10g

ERL 4221 4.10g
NSA          5.90g
DER 736   0.95g
DMAE        0.10g

ERL 4221 4.10g
NSA          5.90g
DER 736   1.90g
DMAE        0.10g

These were worked out by E. Ann Ellis at Texas A&M.


>Hello Plastic People,
>    Could anyone share their recipe for using spur resin to produce 
>plastic sections?  Thank you all in advance for offering any help.
>Best regards,
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