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From:Phil McArdle

Again, a microwave vendor weighs in (so far I haven't received any 
flames), so read at your own risk. :-)

At the risk of sounding overly and overtly commercial, after reading 
post after post of $30,000+ and $18,000 and similarly high figures for 
lab microwaves, I really feel the need to set the record straight. 
Depending on the usage requirements, we have laboratory microwaves as 
low as $1749 for a "bare bones" model for simple operations, to 
mid-priced units, to under $11,000 for a vacuum equipped microwave 
processor capable of the +/- 0.5 degree C temperature control necessary 
for tissue processing.

(I can feel the heat already!)

There are many compelling reasons to replace a kitchen microwave with a 
  lab model; feel free to download, read, and even share with colleagues 
our Microwave Companion at

Best regards, and see you at NSH,

Phil McArdle

Phil McArdle
Microwave Product Manager

Energy Beam Sciences, Inc.
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Kathleen Boozer wrote:
> What is the best microwave for a small lab using it only for heating Bouin's and Silver Nitrate for special stains?  I just can't believe I would have to spend $30,000+ or slow down and use a waterbath.
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