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From:"Joe Nocito"

that's scary. A lab manager who doesn't know what a dilution is.

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> Probably that lab manager does not know what a dilution is. Anybody that 
> has studied basic physics, or chemistry know what a dilution rate is. 
> Unless the person you are referring to is a PhD on "the ocult" or on arts 
> or the religious field, s/he will know what a dilution is.
>  René J.
> Laurie Colbert  wrote:
>  I am asking this question for someone from another lab. They recently got 
> a new lab manager who stated that the person doing IHC's, who is not 
> licensed as either an HT or HTL but is a Ph.D, is not qualified to be 
> performing IHC's because it involves the dilution of antibodies. 
> Evidently, she is comparing this "requirement" which is applied to Med 
> Techs to that of HT's.
> So, I know in the state of California (where we are), there is no state=20
> licensure required for HT's, but is there any requirement that applies 
> specifically for the dilution of antibodies - in California or 
> elsewhere???
> Laurie Colbert
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> I am a Florida licensed HT (ASCP). I'm planning to apply for work out of 
> the
> state and have seen jobs titled "Histotechnologist" and was curious if I 
> am
> eligible to apply for jobs with this title --if this term is only applied
> for HTL credential holders. Or if it is applied to anyone who has
> histotechnology experience (I believe someone had mentioned you dont have 
> to
> have HT or HTL credentials to work in the field in many states). Some job
> listings state IHC duties and I'm guessing I can perform them as an HT
> (ASCP) if I have experience or they are willing to train in IHC (unless
> otherwise indicated that they are only looking for HTL candidates) Thanks
> for any clarification on this.
> Michelle
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