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From:Elizabeth M Heimrich

    I fall into that catagory of histotechs... BS in Biology w/15 yrs 
histology experience.   I went through a distance learning program via 
Indiana University.  I thought I knew histology until I took the class. 
What an intense class!!  With this program you the employer must be 
willing to give the tech time during the day to "go to class"  in a 
conference room somewhere quiet, and be willing to give them time/space 
in the lab to do the practical portion of the class.  It is a full year 
program with lab and theory classes.  Like I said it is intense, but it 
prepares the student to take the HT/ HTL exam.  I have not taken the 
exam, as I have decided to persue my Master's degree.  But I agree with 
you, there are less people entering into histology (clinical) possibly 
because of the testing required?  Research is less stringent, but there 
are less opportunities for histo techs. 
    If you and/or anyone else want the contact info for this program 
send me an email  and I will send it to you.
Best regards,

Vickroy, Jim wrote:

>Like a lot of hospitals we have been unable to find qualified applicants for a histotech position.  We are at least exploring other options.  One of the options include hiring someone with a biological background and enrolling them in an on-line histotech training program.  After completion of the program the applicant would take the certification examination.    There are a few schools out there that have full time programs but many individuals are not in a position to take six months off to attend them without receiving a weekly paycheck.  In addition my experience has been that these schools only take a small amount of applicants each session.  So with more positions than students has anyone else come up with a creative way to train and hire histotechs and any suggestions to on-line programs that have been worthwhile.
>Jim Vickroy
>Technical Supervisor - Surgical and Autopsy Pathology
>Memorial Medical Center
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