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From:"Joe Nocito"

gee, I hope the block wasn't a cervical biopsy with HPV
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> This brings to mind a story a histotech shared (maybe even on here)
> regarding her safety officer giving her grief about techs working
> bare-handed when cutting being a bio-hazardous situation.
> They argued back and forth and they were about to have to concede to the
> safety person's demands for gloves and the Histo Manager out of
> desperation--a person of many years' experience and with a sound, stable
> reputation in her lalb--picked up a faced block and licked it.
> The topic was never raised again.
> I know that doesn't help your situation but I hope it at least brought a
> smile :)
> Cheryl Kerry, HT(ASCP)
> Full Staff Inc.
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> All,
> I have a rogue JCAHO inspector currently on-site that is demanding that 
> all
> of the histotechs cut paraffin blocks with gloves on.  She has made up 
> many
> other rules of her own but most were so outlandish that they were easily
> discounted.
> What I am looking for is some kind of written policy out there that
> addresses the fact that it is not a requirement to wear gloves when
> handling/cutting paraffin blocks.  We have tried to explain all of the
> reasons why it is not a requirement but she steadfastly refuses to listen 
> to
> a single word from any peons she is inspecting.  Since reasoning has no
> effect, I am looking for a manual of some sort that is published and
> available for purchase to provide written proof, although I'm not sure if 
> it
> will make any difference to this particular individual.
> Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
> Thanx In Advance,
> Glen Dawson
> IHC Manager
> Milwaukee, WI
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