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Hello all,
We do one negative control for each block as well, which I believe in general is good practice.  However refer to the discussion which follows the "ANP.22570" question of the 12/12/06 edition of the CAP Anatomic Pathology checklist.  This specifically relates to the example which Roxanne has illustrated in her question.  Take special note of the final sentence of that discussion if you make the change from one neg. for every block.
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One negative per block tested!
  You need to know if any reaction in any block (section) is of positive or a negative (background) nature.
  Another thing would be the positive control. You need only one positive control, because in that case you are testing the Ab reactivity.
  René J. wrote:
  How many non-CAP labs out there are doing negative controls on every block that you do an antibody on?

If you have a case that goes A-J and they are all 1 block each and you do an AE1/AE3 on blocks B,C,F,& J, will you do a negative on every block or just one for the entire case?

This has been an ongoing debate with us.? We typincally only do 1 negative control for the case and given the above example, it might be on block A.? We ususally cut an extra on every block we cut and when the IHC is requested we just go and pull it and for the negative, we just grab whatever slide is left to run the negative on.? What is everyone else doing?? 

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