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From:"Nancy Lemke"

Hi All,
I have had a Nemesis for almost 2 years now and would be happy to answer any questions.  I run a histology core facility for a group of brain tumor researchers.  I stain  human only, animal only and human implanted into animal sections.  I use the Nemesis in the open mode only, no bar coding.  I use primarily Biocare reagents, but few Biocare antibodies.  I have done multiple stains on the instrument, including triple and quadruple.  I have no complaints about the instrument and find it versatile in every way, which is what I need.  All aspects of support are excellent, and I think that Biocare reagents, especially the newer Promark reagents are life savers to people staining xenografts, like myself.
I have had past extensive experience with the Biogenex i6000 and the Dako Immunostainer, so I have decent frames of reference.
I would be happy to respond to any questions.

Nancy Lemke
Research Coordinator
Hermelin Brain Tumor Center
Henry Ford Hospital
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>    Anybody  have  an  experiences  with  the  Nemisis from BioCare? > Would
>    appreciate any feed back. Thanks
>    Christine Tambasco, HT (ASCP)
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>      >We  are  currently  using  the DAKO Artisan for silver stains, and
>      have
>      >some  problems  with  uneven  staining every now and then, usually
>      when
>      >the dispensers are close to being empty, so we stop using the kit
>      >when there are 5 tests remaining to help reduce some of the
>      >problems.  We had a demo of the Nexus stainer, and found that the
>      >result were about the same.
>      >Mike
>      >San Luis Obispo, CA
>      >
>      >
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>      >>From: "Rebecca Johnson" 
>      >>Subject: [Histonet] Special Stainers
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>      >>What special stainers is everyone using?  I now have a Ventana
>      >>Nexus. Bought in 1999.  I know this is old, but it has been
>      >>maintained well. We have had problems with it several times over
>      >>the years. Mostly with sliver stains or uneven staining and no
>      >>staining.  I would like to know what others are using and your
>      >>experiences are. Thanks for all you help.
>      >>raj
>      >>
>      >
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