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The only real difference besides the complexity of tests being done, is
the education.
4 year degree..HTL..2 year...HT.
That is the only difference I make of the whole thing.
I utilize my staff according to their abilities, not by their

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I am a HT, but have been doing IHC since it was manual, doing up to 15
different antibodies at a time and kept it all straight in my head.  I
am not sure that having an HLT would have helped with that.  So where do
some of us "older" techs fit into the scheme of things.  How do we let
the people hiring know that even though we do not have the title, we
know what we are doing?
--- Bernice Frederick

> Hazel,
> I agree with you- I know people who are grandfathered and took the 
> exam.
> I've met one person who helped create the HTL certification 
> requirements.
> I'm just an HTL but do agree that some have the HTL but only know 
> basic histo. I know of some institutions where an HTL is preferred 
> when it comes to IHC (based on the BS). My pet peeve is post-docs that

> think they know everything but can't comprehend histo and thinek they 
> can do microtomy. We require certification for those people that are 
> cutting blocks that are human cancer trial specimens (a long story) 
> Bernice
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> Being grandfathered in did not mean they just gave you the title of 
> HTL.
> The grandfathered HTL's had to pass the tests just like anyone else!
> Hazel Horn
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> requirements
> Hi Michelle,
>   A lot employers will except either HT or HTL.
> And of course, how much
> experience you have under your belt is also a big consideration.  I 
> think a lot of employers are finding out just how hard it is to find 
> techs (registered or not) that can do the job and do it well, although

> there are a few states with their own state requirements which would 
> require the tech to be ASCP certified either way.
>   I have found that being an HTL vs HT doesn't necessarily mean that 
> one or the other can do the job better...I know a few HTL's that were 
> grandfathered in and have done only a handful IHCs in their whole 
> career, can't trouble shoot anything,  and produce poor quality slides

> and yet they hold the title of an HTL and the same goes for the 
> HTs...(makes you wonder how they keep a job)...LOL....and I have 
> taught and worked with students right out of college programs that 
> were absolutely awesome and knew their stuff....go figure.....I say go

> for it.....Good Luck....
> Kim Tournear, HT (ASCP), QIHC ( ASCP)
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