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From:Rene J Buesa

If I recall correctly, Leica (once named Ernst Leitz, Wetzlar) bought the microscopes and microtomes sections of Carl Reichert (Austria), Wild-Heerburg (Switzerland), American Optical and Bausch and Lomb (USA).
  After Vision ByoSystems (Australia) grew enough to buy NovoCastra (UK), it was bought by Leica after a failed hostile takeover by Ventana.
  Now Leica Microsystems can offer all types of consumables, slides and cassettes printers, sells the Peloris tissue processors and the Bond autostainers, manufactures/sells embedding stations, micrtotomes, microscopes, cryostats all sorts of histology automated instruments and has even developed a type of microscope (I call it "Cyclops" because it does not carry "eyes" = eyepieces and is designed just for digital imaging).
  It is also manufacturing very cheap (and not very good microscopes) in China (any surprises there?).
  At this moment in Europe only Carl Zeiss (Germany) and Lomo (Russia still manufacturing variations of 1937 Zeiss microscopes) and some companies in Russia (manufacturing copies of the horizontal OmE Reichert microtomes and copies of the Autotechnicon) can be considered as independent from Leica.
  Is that Thermo larger than Leica Microsystems?
  René J.

Bernice Frederick  wrote:
  One on many. Leica now has vision biosystems! And they were AO long, long

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How about the Empire?
That's what they've become.

>The acronym is still longer than most company names.
>Douglas D. Deltour HT(ASCP)
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>Honestly, they need to start over with a new name!
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>I think I will now assign an acronym, TFSci or maybe ThermFishSci. Too
>long to type out all the time.
>>Subject: RE: [Histonet] AO 860 sliding microtome and Caroline Bass
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>>Just to clear things up The Company Name is ThermoFisher Scientific.
>>Thermo Shandon is a Brand just like Thermo Richard Allen is now a brand.
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