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I am asking this question for someone from another lab.  They recently got a new lab manager who stated that the person doing IHC's, who is not licensed as either an HT or HTL but is a Ph.D, is not qualified to be performing IHC's because it involves the dilution of antibodies.  Evidently, she is comparing this "requirement" which is applied to Med Techs to that of HT's.
So, I know in the state of California (where we are), there is no state licensure required for HT's, but is there any requirement that applies specifically for the dilution of antibodies - in California or elsewhere???

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I am a Florida licensed HT (ASCP). I'm planning to apply for work out of the
state and have seen jobs titled "Histotechnologist" and was curious if I am
eligible to apply for jobs with this title --if this term is only applied
for HTL credential holders. Or if it is applied to anyone who has
histotechnology experience (I believe someone had mentioned you dont have to
have HT or HTL credentials to work in the field in many states). Some job
listings state IHC duties and I'm guessing I can perform them as an HT
(ASCP) if I have experience or they are willing to train in IHC (unless
otherwise indicated that they are only looking for HTL candidates) Thanks
for any clarification on this.

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