[Histonet] Ventana Nexus Special Stainer issues

From:"Simmons, Christopher"

I have read many comments recently regarding silver staining issues on
the Nexus special stainer from Ventana.
I met yesterday withthe USA manager for special stains from Ventana. She
assures me that the issue is being researched.
I am having hit and miss staining here with the Grocott and Jones
Decontamination seems to help for a few days then the issue keeps
popping up.
We are about to pull the 2 stains from the stainer and do them by hand.
We have 6 stainers here, losing this stain will put a large burden on
the technicians.
Hope this helps to validate the issues others are having with the
stainer as well.
Chris Simmons
Lead Tech
UPMC Presbyterian/Shadyside
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