[Histonet] Second Annual Course of Applied IHC and Molecular Morphology


Dear colleagues,

This is Hadi Yaziji. It is my pleasure to announce the open  
registration for the second annual course of applied IHC and  
molecular morphology, sponsored by the Society of Applied  
Immunohistochemistry. This is held in Santa Barbara from January 28 - 
February 1st, 2008.

It contains the following:

26 lectures by the most experienced pathologists and technologists in  
immunohistochemistry, FISH and flow cytometry.
Panel discussion by the leaders in the industry
Panel discussion by the founders of the field (Battifora, Taylor, Gown)
A workshop on basic and complex IHC procedures
A workshop on FISH procedures

Please click on the link to download a pdf version of the course's  
brochure (http://www.pathlearning.com/IHC_Course08.pdf).

If you intend to register, please do so as soon as you can. Space is  
really limited at the resort. Registration and course information are  
in the brochure.

Best regards,

Hadi Yaziji, M.D., Medical Director
Vitro Molecular Laboratories
Ancillary Pathways
7000 62nd Avenue, PH-C
Miami, FL 33143
T 305-740-4440
F. 786-513-0175

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