[Histonet] IHC Forum at NSH, 2007


Happy Fall All,

It is that time of year again and preparations are being made for the NSH symposium/convention 2007 in Denver.  I am attempting to get funding to attend anyway.  My question is in regard to the IHC forum at the NSH convention.

It sounds wonderful and loaded with valuable information.  I want to attend the forum for the great price of $115.  I would also like to get a Certificate of Completion in Immunohistochemistry.  Do I need to take three more halfday workshops in addition to the forum to receive certification?  What category does the forum fall into?

Keeping my fingers crossed for funding approval, (September 28 is the day I will find out) and getting that certification.  

That paraffin hot tub idea was very cute.  The large paraffin melting pot.  Where else but the USA?

God Bless America and our troops.
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