[Histonet] How to use the Leica VT1000 M section thickness control

From:"Kevin Clayton"

Hola Histonetters!

Background: I have recently been shown how to use a Leica VT1000 M
vibratome. This is quite an old vibratome and section thickness is
controlled by turning a knob on the side of the machine. This simply
raises or lowers the blade.

Now, I was told (by someone who had only just been shown himself to
use it) that to select the thickness desired you turn the knob
(clockwise) to the number on the knob. If you set it to 40, it will
produce a section of 40 microns. Once you get a section you turn it
all the way around to 40 again to get another section of 40 microns.
This doesn't seem correct to me and seems to be producing sections
much thicker than 40 microns (100 microns...?).

To me, it seems that if you take at section at position 40, and want
another at 40 microns, you should turn the knob next time to 80.
Correct or not?

Unfortunately, I can't find the manual (in the lab or online) and I
don't speak the language here well enough to trust anything I'm told -
especially if someone who speaks the language fluently doesn't seem to
have it correct. I could be wrong of course.

Anyway, thanks for reading and thanks everybody who's ever responded
for making this a great resource.


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