Re: [Histonet] paraffin in embedding center

From:Rene J Buesa

Any reason for not keeping the cassettes in the molten paraffin is a wrong reason. Cassttes with tissues out of the retort should not be kept out of melted paraffin, there will always be some solidification around the tissue that will impede a really continuous paraffin medium when the block is casted in the mold. This will affect sectioning, in some cases more than in others, but it is a risk not worth taking.
  The side of the embedding center designed to receive the cassettes should be filled with molten paraffin.
  Just my opinion (not shared by some, by the way!).
  René J.,

"LaDonna G. Elpers"  wrote:
  I would like to find out how many people do or do not have molten
paraffin in the portion of their embedding center that houses tissue
cassettes while embedding. And if you are not keeping cassettes in the
molten paraffin your reasoning or theory behind this. Appreciate it!


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