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Hi Li,
      Our Leica-Microsystems has a line of microtomes  RM2255 and RM2265
that can  handle your requirements and improve on your sample options.
These microtomes come from a refined routine microtome and can cut 0.25 to
60 microns and section sizes from 2mm to 25mm. There are six different
knife holders and specimen holders so it can be configured for the task the
operators is trying to accomplish. Give me a call and I can elaborate for

Don Birgerson
Leica Microsystems
Technical Assistance Center
1-800-248-0123  ext 5918 7:00 to 4:00 pm CDT

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Sending again since it looks like the first time it didn't go through.

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Dear all histonetters,

We're in search for a microtome which could provide similar or higher
quality plastic sections as the DuPont Sorvall JB-4 microtome, which has
been discontinued. I would appreciate your inputs very much if you could
suggest any.


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